Coconut Burfi Recipe

Coconut burfi Recipe – coconut burfi is made using condensed milk!

Coconut Burfi Recipe If coconuts are not in your list of favorite foods, it will be, after you try  my Coconut Burfi Recipe. Coconut is a staple item in several South Indian curry recipes, but a coconut dessert is simply unmatched in fragrance and flavor compared to traditional Indian desserts.  Continue reading “Coconut Burfi Recipe”

Brinjal Sambar Recipe

Classic Brinjal Sambar Recipe

Brinjal Sambar RecipeIf there is one vegetable that can be grilled, baked, roasted, stewed or even stuffed and a vegetable rich in iron, calcium and dietary fibers…that’s none other than eggplants! And that’s the prime ingredient of my recipe today…” Brinjal Sambar or Eggplant Sambar”   Continue reading “Brinjal Sambar Recipe”

Spiced Curry Leaves Powder

Spiced Curry Leaves Powder  

Spiced Curry Leaves Powder

Not feeling very motivated to cook? That’s exactly when you will need a recipe such as Spiced Curry leaves Powder and that’s my recipe today!

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Rice Halbai – Rice Cake Recipe

Dessert with Rice…”Rice Halbai” 

Rice HalbaiMy dessert series continues this week with an ethnic recipe from deep inside heart of Karnataka.….Sweet Rice Cakes or locally called as “Rice Halbai”.

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Beetroot Halwa Recipe

Dessert with Beets….Beetroot Halwa recipe!

Beetroot halwa recipeAfter two recipes of starchy dishes with Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin, could I do anything other than post a  sweet dessert recipe? I don’t think so…

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