Basil Leaves Thambuli- Tambli Recipe 

Basil leaves thambuli

Basil leaves thambuliToday I am posting one of my favorite recipe: Basil Leaves Thambuli.

Thambuli is a blended mixture of coconut, plain yogurt and a highlight ingredient. In the past, I have posted a thambuli recipe using curry leaves. Since then, I have become a huge fan of gardening and growing my own greens in my backyard.

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Spiced Cauliflower Rice

Spiced cauliflower Rice – quick and easy!

Spiced Cauliflower RiceIf you are running out of recipe ideas to entertain guests,  Spiced Cauliflower Rice recipe is a simple and efficient option. It’s a simple rice recipe, yet has ample serving of vegetable and begs to differ from the usual recipe options like mixed vegetable rice.  The option of adding fresh, crunchy cauliflower florets is a delightful change and also gives off a wonderful aroma while cooking.  Apart from the choosing fresh cauliflowers, it is also important to boil the rice to right amount of softness. A rice cooker offers the most efficient and time-saving option to cook rice. You get the perfect consistency of rice without having to check often.  

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Mango Lassi Recipe

Refreshing Drink – mango lassi !

Mango Lassi RecipeCan you think of anything as delicious, creamy  and nutritious as a Mango Lassi? I doubt it. Lassi is a sumptuous and indulgent concoction that tickles the taste buds and cools you from within, in every sip. If you have a mango that’s just too ripe to cut, a Lassi offers the yummiest option. With a good balance of protein, a glass of lassi can easily serve as a meal replacement.

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Banana Flower Curry – Palya Recipe

banana flower curry- palya is healthy and delicious side dish

Banana Flower Curry - PalyaToday, I want to make a curry from a little known super food, yet very affordable and easily prepared: Banana Flower Curry or Palya. If you had no idea that banana flowers were edible, you are not alone. It has a striking and ornamental look, but is suited more for cooking than decoration. Banana flowers are high in vitamins A and C and also known to provide natural menstrual pain relief. Banana flowers are commonly used as vegetables for cooking in south East Asia, but there is no reason why this wonderful flower cannot be used worldwide given the amazing health benefits.

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Green Beans Sambar – Udupi Koddel

Green beans sambar or koddel!

Green beans sambarNeed some help with dinner tonight? Here’s a basic recipe to get food on the table in less than 30 minutes with Green Beans Sambar (Beans Koddel). This recipe goes back to the roots of Udupi cuisine with simple spices and coconut.  You can also substitute green beans with other vegetables. The choices are almost endless and the taste is divine.

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