Sweet Potato Chips 

Homemade Sweet potato chips

Sweet Potato ChipsIf you are looking for a better alternative to Potato chips, read on for a deliciously crispy serving of Sweet Potato Chips. Potato chips are probably everyone’s favorite snack. $5 for a family pack sounds like a good deal, but  we are never really sure how long it has been on the shelves. Homemade chips beats the budget, tastes better and comes with less guilt 😉

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Brinjal Masala Curry – Pathrode Masale Palya

brinjal Masala Curry- Eggplant Recipe

Brinjal Masala CurryBrinjal Masala Curry is one of those dishes that is good for all seasons. In the Winter months, I like to cook it spicy and serve it over hot steaming rice. And in the Summer months, I tone down the spice and serve it with rotis. Either way it is bursting with flavor in every bite and offers a wonderful compliment to Saaru recipe that I have posted in the past.

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Sun Dried Ginger Preserves- Ginger Murabba

Sun Dried ginger preserves

Sun dried Ginger PreservesIf you are looking to make a tasty snack out of ginger, look no further than “Sun-dried Ginger Preserves”. It’s a snack with medicinal benefits, that has its origins from India (Called “Murabba” in local dialect). You may remember I wrote about the goodness of ginger in my “Healing Secrets of Food” page.

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Roasted Yellow Moong Dal

Roasted yellow Moong Dal for quick snack !

Roasted Yellow Moong Dal


Roasted Yellow Moong Dal spiked with chili powder! This is a special TV time snack! Throughout this year, I have posted several snack recipes but I think this snack would be the easiest of them all and perhaps the most delicious too!

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Spinach Dal – Palak Dal Recipe

A super easy Spinach Dal made with 3 Lentils !

Spinach Dal

A super easy Spinach Dal  made with bright and vibrant organic spinach leaves is perfect for a weekday dinner with rice or roti. After a week of near summer-like temperatures, it was down to 70’s this week and that makes it a perfect weather for DalBright and vibrant spinach leaves are not only appealing to the eye but also nourishing as well. Lentils are relatively quick and easy to prepare, and their low cost makes them an accessible form of high – quality protein. 

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