Sprouted Green Gram Kosambari 

Sprouted Green gram kosambariReady for a crunchy, protein packed salad? Sprouted Green Gram Kosambari is an Indian salad that requires no dressing yet tastes divine! How is that possible? It’s the magic of sprouted green grams. Green gram is a protein packed super food and allowing it to sprout with overnight soaking makes it edible right away.  It’s a great hunger time snack that keeps you away from unhealthy options.

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Tovve Saaru |Split Yellow lentil Rasam

Tovve saaruI bet you cannot find a better option than ” Tovve Saaru” when it comes to a quick and healthy recipe, especially if you are not feeling a 100%. Not only is the Tovve Saaru rich in protein, it also packs in the power of ginger to take care of the ill effects from the common cold. If you are out of  produce, this will be the best, easy and healthy choice. All you need is toor dal or moong dal and a few other common ingredients. Both the dal choices are equally tasty and healthy. The best part is that you do not need any curry powder for this recipe! It goes well with rice or even as a soup!

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Cabbage Chutney Recipe

Cabbage Chutney

Did you think that Chutney goes good only with dosa? Well, here’s a refreshing option that goes very well with rice too. Cabbage Chutney is one of the all time favorite chutney in my house. It is yet another kids favorite when I make it mild. Among all the cabbage recipes I have posted, this would be the easiest one to prepare and needs very little preparation. If you have checked out my posts for chutney, you will notice that the procedure is largely similar. The right ingredients in the right amount make all the difference.

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Chakkuli Recipe

Chakkuli, Chakli Forget about store bought snacks…prepare this crispy, delicious chakkuli recipe and you will wonder how much money you could have easily saved by not buying them at the store. Chakkuli or Chakli are easy to make but last for weeks, if you can resist your temptation.  Try them – you won’t be disappointed!  Bet you can’t just eat one!  Rice flour mixed in a savory combination of black gram and cumin seeds, fried to golden brown perfection makes an irresistible snack.

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Rava Laddu | Semolina Coconut Balls


Semolina laddu
Rava Laddu

One bite of this wonderful dessert will make you an instant fan! Rava laddu or Semolina Coconut balls is one of the common and favorite desert in India. Rava is used in several desserts like Rava kesari or sheera and Rava Payasa. Rava laddu is prepared with just the right mix of rava or semolina (the fine variety), coconut flakes, nuts, sugar, and ghee.

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