Rasam Powder Recipe

Uma Raghupathi

Main Ingredients for Rasam Powder Recipe

Let’s get started!

Use fresh ingredients  


Saute red chilies until they puff up and turn crisp. Place it aside.

Saute on low flame


Add coriander seeds to the pan and saute until you get a nice aroma.

Use the right pan


In the same pan, saute cumin seed and methi seeds on low flame until the spices release their aroma. Place it aside.

Place one by one


Saute the curry leaves, hing and cinnamon stick on low flame.

let it cool


Let all the spices cool completely.

Powder it


Now blend all the roasted spices with a teaspoon of hing powder and blend into a fine powder consistency.

Use It & Enjoy

Rasam powder is ready and you are all set to prepare your favorite rasam or 'saaru'.