Healthy Breakfast  Neer Dosa

Learn How to make simple and easy South Indian Breakfast




1. Plain Rice Neer Dosa: Unlike other South Indian dosa recipes, this neer dosa does not require any lentils, and needs only three main ingredients: rice, water, and salt. This is the version I have shared in this recipe and in my video. 2. Rice & Coconut Neer Dosa: The version is also common for this dosa. As you can tell from the title, coconut is one of the key ingredients in this version. Coconut brings a tropical flavor to the dosa. Here I have given a sample of hebbar kitchen recipe. 3. Rice & Methi Seeds Neer Dosa: This is the version my mother always prepared. Addition of methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) instead of coconut makes it extremely tender and comes with a ton of health benefits.

1.Plain Rice Neer Dosa

2. Rice & Coconut Neer dosa

3. Rice & Methi Seeds Neer Dosa

RICE USED FOR NEER DOSA I use long grain white rice (mahatma brand), sona masoori, or idli rice. Any type of white rice is good to use for this dosa.  The kinds to avoid for this recipe are Basmati and Jasmine rice.