Beets Cutlets 

Pan Fry & Air fryer method

Grate the beetroot: In a large bowl, grate the fresh beets.

Add mashed or grated potatoes, grated ginger, and all the spices

Add salt and mix thoroughly to form a dough. You need very little water for the dough because the beets and potatoes bring in a lot of moisture.

Dip them in Cornstarch batter and cover with bread crumbs or crushed nuts. If this is your first time preparing any cutlet, check out my video for this!

Roast the Cutlets in a pan with little oil on medium flame, until they turn golden brown on both sides.

You can also air fry the beetroot cutlets at 380F for 12 minutes, flipping once in between. A little bit of oil spray on top before air frying will ensure crispy cutlets.

Serve them hot and fresh with tomato ketchup, mint chutney, or any dip of your choice on the side.