Vegan Potato Halwa 

A spoonful of Vegan Potato Halwa is all you need for that wonderful feeling that comes from a satiating dessert.

Vegan Potato Halwa

Vegan Potato Halwa Recipe  – Potato Halwa is  a common dessert in India. Potatoes are as versatile as they are delicious. It can be the main ingredient in a curry or in a creamy dessert.
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Carrot Chutney Recipe 

how to make Carrot Chutney –  Here’s A simple method for carrot chutney recipe!

Carrot Chutney RecipeI asked my friends, a few weeks ago the following question: “How do you eat Carrots?” I was so surprised to hear the common answer….”Salad”. Not that it is a bad choice but there has got be a break from the usual. A new dish that will blend in a tropical flavor from coconuts. That’s how I make my carrots with Carrot Chutney Recipe. Continue reading “Carrot Chutney Recipe “

Aloo Palak – Indian Potato Spinach Gravy

Aloo Palak – Indian Potato Spinach Gravy !

Aloo Palak - Indian Potato Spinach GravyAn uncommon recipe for a common dish. I am not really sure, why it’s never occurred to me to post a household recipe such as Aloo Palak in my site for all these days. It is one of the tastiest combination of potato and spinach you can find anywhere.

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Vegan Mango Custard Cookies 

simple and quick vegan Mango Custard cookies……

Vegan Mango Custard CookiesCan you find a custard recipe that is Vegan? That’s exactly what my recipe is about today! Vegan Mango Custard Cookies...You will be pleasantly surprised to find such an easy and healthy substitute for eggs. No Cholesterol! No saturated fats! Enjoy responsibly! Watch my short video to check it out yourself. The egg substitute I used is Aquafaba. Continue reading “Vegan Mango Custard Cookies “

Simple Wheat Flour Dosa – Godi Dosa

simple wheat flour dosa – godi dosa is perfect for busy weekdays

Simple Wheat flour dosaEven if you’re not vegan you’re going to love this! An instant Simple Wheat Flour Dosa recipe for busy moms. You can literally start from scratch and be done in less than 30 minutes and feel good about it too 🙂 There is no need for overnight preparation and uses less than 5 ingredients. Continue reading “Simple Wheat Flour Dosa – Godi Dosa”