Irresistible Banana Cake

Irresistible banana cake!


For most of us, Cakes are too good to pass but also comes with a load of guilt. This “Irresistible Banana Cake” recipe, I hope is going to change your opinion or at least reduce your guilt. What is special about this recipe is that it took no added oil in preparation. Not to mention, it is vegan like all my recipes.  Continue reading “Irresistible Banana Cake”

Besan Cheela – Best Gram Flour Pancakes 

besan Cheela – best Gram Flour Pancakes!

Besan Cheela - Best Gram Flour Pancakes

Here’s yet another protein powerhouse option for breakfast. It has been a while since I shared protein rich recipes. This breakfast recipe for “Besan Cheela” is one that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes. The protein in Besan Cheela is not only from Gram Flour (Besan), but also my favorite grain, Quinoa. Continue reading “Besan Cheela – Best Gram Flour Pancakes “

Almond Butter Muffins

simple & delicious Almond Butter Muffins !

Almond Butter MuffinsWho doesn’t like muffins? They are sought after by kids and adults alike and my family is no exception. One batch of 12 muffins was gobbled up in minutes. They are also an option for breakfast for some of my friends. Not so much for me, but a muffin paired with a hot cup of coffee is definitely one of my favorites. Continue reading “Almond Butter Muffins”

Cabbage Kofta Recipe 

Cabbage Kofta Recipe – Vegan Meatball Curry

Cabbage Kofta Recipe

What is a “Vegetable Kofta Curry”? They are originally vegetable balls or dumplings cooked in a creamy gravy. Indian kofta curries are typically made with vegetable dumplings cooked in a gravy made with dairy ingredients. However, I have a vegan variation of the recipe that can be an eye-opener to a lot of vegans out there. If you are looking for a  vegan alternative for meatballs, Cabbage Kofta Curry is “the” option for you.
Continue reading “Cabbage Kofta Recipe “

Misal Pav – Spicy Green Gram Curry

Misal Pav – Spicy Green Gram Curry!

Misal Pav - Spicy Green Gram Curry

If you have a craving for Indian Street Food or if you are planning a surprise Indian snack, I have just the right idea for you. Misal pav is a spicy dish hugely popular in the city of Mumbai. A spicy curry dish that is flavored by a combination of several spices and a base of protein packed Mung beans. The high protein nature of the dish also makes it a good replacement for a meal. Continue reading “Misal Pav – Spicy Green Gram Curry”