Soya Chunks Kurma 

 Indian Soya Chunks Recipe- Soya Chunks Kurma

Soya Chunks Kurma

Forget that these Soya Chunk nuggets are gluten free! They are just a surprisingly delicious protein source.  The key here is that it is made from Soya flour after all the fats are extracted from it. So it is a fat-free and cholesterol-free source of protein. That is a rare if not impossible combination to get in meats. Continue reading “Soya Chunks Kurma “

Sweet Plantain Recipe – Plantain Fudge

 Sweet Plantain Recipe – Plantain Fudge is made with healthy Ingredients! 

Sweet Plantain Recipe - Plantain Fudge“Power” foods don’t often come in pretty packages and Plantains are a good example for that. They are a close relative to the common Banana, but far more nutritious. For all the nutrients they offer, they are a special challenge when you try to get kids to eat them. Even when they are ripe, it is lot more starchy and fibrous than bananas. Continue reading “Sweet Plantain Recipe – Plantain Fudge”

Vegan Mango Bread Recipe 

 Ultimate Vegan Mango Bread Recipe !Vegan Mango Bread Recipe

Have you ever tasted a wonderful recipe when you traveled far away from home? And did you try re-creating the recipe based on what you remembered? Well that’s what happened to me, after I tasted the Mango Bread in Maui, a few years back. It was an all day road trip to Hana and we stopped at several road side snack shops on our way to taste the local pineapples, toasted coconuts and mangoes. But the one thing that stayed in my mind was Mango Bread. Continue reading “Vegan Mango Bread Recipe “

Simple Mint Rice – Pudina Rice

simple Mint Recipe – Pudina Rice : Guaranteed Happiness !

Simple Mint Rice - Pudina Rice

Yes, that’s right! I am guaranteeing happiness. The happiness that comes from consuming nature’s wonder herb in a way that extract the most goodness from it. It is even better if you have your own home grown organic Mint leaves. Today’s Mint recipe is nothing other than flavorful Simple Mint Rice with a full serving of vegetables for a sumptuous supper. 
Continue reading “Simple Mint Rice – Pudina Rice”

Dairy Free Mango Banana Ice Cream 

 No churn – home made- Dairy free mango banana Ice Cream

Dairy Free Mango Banana Ice Cream

The only recipe I can post after a widely popular Vegan cream recipe is something that will show you how you can make a wonderfully creamy and luscious ice cream with it….So here is a recipe for Dairy Free Mango Banana Ice Cream. Very simple yet delicious creamy ice cream without high fructose corn syrup or any artificial sweeteners.  Continue reading “Dairy Free Mango Banana Ice Cream “