Vegan Potato Halwa 

A spoonful of Vegan Potato Halwa is all you need for that wonderful feeling that comes from a satiating dessert.

Vegan Potato Halwa

Vegan Potato Halwa Recipe  – Potato Halwa is  a common dessert in India. Potatoes are as versatile as they are delicious. It can be the main ingredient in a curry or in a creamy dessert.
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Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun 


Sweet Potato Gulab JamunHow to make Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun– Here is step by step instructions with video….

My kids have been asking for Gulab Jamun lately, so I was super inspired to create an easy-to-make vegan version of the good old Indian dessert. “Gulab Jamun” translates to rose flavored berries. It’s a deep fried delicacy that’s served in a rose flavored sweet syrup. Continue reading “Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun “

Vegan Rava Kesari 

vegan rava kesari is quick and delicious dessert !


Vegan Rava KesariHow to make veganized Indian Dessert?

There is nothing better than a warm and sweet dessert with coffee, especially on a cold wintery day. That’s my inspiration today for making Vegan Rava Kesari. Its called as “Kesari Bath” in local dialect in Karnataka and it is my personal favorite dish to make with Semolina (Rava). Continue reading “Vegan Rava Kesari “

Vegan Almond Cookies 

Vegan Almond Cookies !

Vegan Almond CookiesVegan Almond Cookies with 5 Simple Ingredients  make up for this wonderfully rich almond cookies in less than 15 minutes.  Continue reading “Vegan Almond Cookies “

Peanut Butter Cookies 

Enjoy holidays with Peanut butter cookies !

Peanut Butter Cookies

I debated with myself for quite a while before I decided to make these  Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies. It was my first time using powdered peanut butter for anything other than a morning smoothie. But looking at how it turned out, I did not have any hesitation sharing it. The recipe is ridiculously easy to make and even more easier to munch.    Continue reading “Peanut Butter Cookies “