Walnut Oatmeal Energy Balls-Laddu 

Walnut oatmeal energy balls-laddu is gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free.

Walnut Oatmeal Energy Balls-LadduThere is a never a shortage of Energy Bars and Trail Mix, but how many can you find that does not have the infamous High Fructose Corn Syrup? The benefits you get from the Oats and Nuts are offset by the ingredients that make it unnaturally sweet or extend the shelf life. That is why making your own energy bar is always a safe choice.  You control what goes in it and you make just enough for your family. Try my recipe for Walnut Oatmeal Energy Balls- Laddu. Continue reading “Walnut Oatmeal Energy Balls-Laddu “

Broccoli Recipe Kids Will Love – Broccoli Cutlets

 Broccoli recipe kids will love! – Broccoli Cutlets

 Broccoli Recipe Kids Will Love - Broccoli CutletsMost everyone knows the goodness that comes from Broccoli and an overwhelmingly large group also know that it is one of the foods that kids love to hate. Continue reading “Broccoli Recipe Kids Will Love – Broccoli Cutlets”

Spinach Diamond Cuts – Thukudi Recipe

Spinach Diamond Cuts or Thukudi !
Spinach Diamond Cuts

I have a snacking recipe that precisely satisfies two of my main criteria: Delightfully yummy and easy to prepare. Spinach Diamond Cut Chips is the “Snack of the week” in my household for the same two reasons. Is there a bad time for snack? Continue reading “Spinach Diamond Cuts – Thukudi Recipe”

Sesame Ribbon Pakoda 

Sesame Ribbon pakoda 

Sesame Ribbon PakodaSnacking is a popular topic in my household and among my friends. Especially so, during festival times such as now (Diwali). It is quite common in Indian culture to offer salty or savory snack along with a sweet dish. So to follow up on several sweet dishes that I have posted recently, I also want to mix in a  snack like Sesame Ribbon Pakoda.

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Sweet Potato Chips 

Homemade Sweet potato chips

Sweet Potato ChipsIf you are looking for a better alternative to Potato chips, read on for a deliciously crispy serving of Sweet Potato Chips. Potato chips are probably everyone’s favorite snack. $5 for a family pack sounds like a good deal, but  we are never really sure how long it has been on the shelves. Homemade chips beats the budget, tastes better and comes with less guilt 😉

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