Vegan Carrot Milkshake 

Refreshing Vegan Carrot Milkshake!

Vegan Carrot Milkshake

Sweet, cool and refreshing milkshakes represents the best recipes that let us enjoy summer. Today, I plan to share the recipe for a milkshake with a not so common ingredient….Carrots! Not just that, it is a milkshake that is NOT loaded with sugar or dairy ingredients! Don’t you think that’s incredible?! I am excited to share this with you today. I cannot wait to hear from you about this and how much you like it.   Continue reading “Vegan Carrot Milkshake “

Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

How To Make Lemonade Without Added Sugar – Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

As of this week, it is officially Summer! Let us kick off the season with a refreshing lemonade drink with a surprise ingredient, that will quench anyone’s thirst after an evening of outdoor activity or a high-intensity workout. I say that because you do not need a drink that is loaded with sugar or preservative, at the end of a workout. You need something that is naturally sweet and refreshing. That’s why you would need to replace the sugar with Watermelons!  Continue reading “Watermelon Lemonade Recipe”

Vegan Mango Lassi 

how to make vegan Mango lassi – mango lassi or indian yogurt drink recipe with step by step videos.

Vegan Mango Lassi

It’s time for a little tropical treat today. The inspiration comes from one of my readers when she asked how I can veganize the all-time favorite, Indian drink called Mango Lassi. Lassi is a mildly sweet yogurt drink that is usually enjoyed after a light meal. Continue reading “Vegan Mango Lassi “

Vegan Ragi Drink – Finger Millet Drink

Vegan Ragi Drink- Finger Millet Drink for healthy Breakfast!


Vegan Ragi DrinkHow to make Vegan Ragi Drink – If you are a protein shake fanatic, you have no doubt noticed that are all protein powders are mighty expensive. Even more so, when you choose a vegan option. I love the fact that they make my daily smoothie more filling and meal-like after a brisk walk, but the price tag is just too high! Well, I have a solution for that….Vegan Ragi Drink- Finger Millet Drink! Continue reading “Vegan Ragi Drink – Finger Millet Drink”

Spiced Soy Milk Chai – Masala Chai

Spiced soy milk chai or masala chai

Spiced Soy Milk Chai- Masala Chai

Hailing from an Indian household, making chai has never seemed like a chore to me. Ever since I sipped it for the first time till this day, Chai has been my favorite beverage. Off late, I have been posting vegan recipes and my friends have often asked me if I have a recipe for a vegan chai. Well, the answer is a resounding “Yes”! Continue reading “Spiced Soy Milk Chai – Masala Chai”