Protein Packed Pulao- Veg Pulao Recipe

Protein packed Pulao -veg pulao recipe for weekend !

Protein Packed PulaoProtein Packed Pulao! Pulao can be done in different methods using different combinations of spices and vegetables. Today, I am sharing my own method with black-eyed beans and Soy chunks. This is the kind of recipe where you want to have all your spices and vegetables measured and set up ahead of time, because once you start cooking everything comes together fairly quickly. Continue reading “Protein Packed Pulao- Veg Pulao Recipe”

Turmeric Pumpkin Rice 

Turmeric Pumpkin Rice 

Turmeric Pumpkin RiceMeet the perfect recipe for Fall..Turmeric Pumpkin Rice recipe…A dish you will remember forever. Whether it’s getting your kids to say ‘Can I have some more?” Or making a new seasonal favorite, – you will want to make this Turmeric Pumpkin Rice recipe.  It’s a sure thing to getting what you are after.  Continue reading “Turmeric Pumpkin Rice “

Spiced Cauliflower Rice

Spiced cauliflower Rice – quick and easy!

Spiced Cauliflower RiceIf you are running out of recipe ideas to entertain guests,  Spiced Cauliflower Rice recipe is a simple and efficient option. It’s a simple rice recipe, yet has ample serving of vegetable and begs to differ from the usual recipe options like mixed vegetable rice.  The option of adding fresh, crunchy cauliflower florets is a delightful change and also gives off a wonderful aroma while cooking.  Apart from the choosing fresh cauliflowers, it is also important to boil the rice to right amount of softness. A rice cooker offers the most efficient and time-saving option to cook rice. You get the perfect consistency of rice without having to check often.  

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Bisi Bele Bath Recipe

Bisi bele bath
Bisi Bele Bath Recipe

Here’s a recipe that I have received a lot of requests for: Bisi Bele Bath. That’s the name of the dish in Karnataka and translates as “Hot Lentil Rice”. It is a masala that is available in most Indian grocery stores nowadays, but you do not get an authentic touch that a homemade masala gives. Fresh ingredients also make the masala special and it tastes lot better when you use to make the masala and use it right away.

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Dill leaves and Chickpea Rice

dill leaves pulao
Dill leaves and Ckickpea Rice

Today my recipe is Dill leaves and Chickpea Rice : I came up with this recipe when I was looking to make something healthy and spicy that includes vegetables and the kids do not find boring.  Dill leaves gives a fresh flavor to this dish and makes it very tasty. I recently learnt a lot about the numerous health benefits of dill leaves.  I didn’t know that this commonly available leaf had so much nutrients and health benefits packed in it.  Some of the many benefits are :Boosts digestion, Reduces insomnia, Enhances bone health, Controls insulin levels, Boosts immune system, Reduces hiccups, Cures diarrhea.

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