Tovve Saaru |Split Yellow lentil Rasam

Tovve saaruI bet you cannot find a better option than ” Tovve Saaru” when it comes to a quick and healthy recipe, especially if you are not feeling a 100%. Not only is the Tovve Saaru rich in protein, it also packs in the power of ginger to take care of the ill effects from the common cold. If you are out of  produce, this will be the best, easy and healthy choice. All you need is toor dal or moong dal and a few other common ingredients. Both the dal choices are equally tasty and healthy. The best part is that you do not need any curry powder for this recipe! It goes well with rice or even as a soup!

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Horse Gram Rasam/ Huruli saaru

Horse gram soup
Horse Gram Soup / Huruli Saaru

Horse Gram is one of my favorite to make rasam or soup. It is packed with rich  amounts of vitamins, iron and proteins and also helps our body burn fat. It is perfect for the winter time because it keep you away from common cold problems. Here’s the simple recipe for Horse Gram soup…

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