Carrot Chutney Recipe 

how to make Carrot Chutney –  Here’s A simple method for carrot chutney recipe!

Carrot Chutney RecipeI asked my friends, a few weeks ago the following question: “How do you eat Carrots?” I was so surprised to hear the common answer….”Salad”. Not that it is a bad choice but there has got be a break from the usual. A new dish that will blend in a tropical flavor from coconuts. That’s how I make my carrots with Carrot Chutney Recipe. Continue reading “Carrot Chutney Recipe “

Lemon Chili Pickle Recipe

Boost Your Immune System with Lemon Chili Pickle Recipe!

Lemon Chili Pickle RecipeMy first recipe for Indian pickle…. Lemon Chili Pickle Recipe – Four main ingredients make up this wonderful pickle that can boost your immune system. It is a spicy and sour pickle with the goodness of ginger in every bite. The procedure cannot be any simpler. All it takes is a little patience to allow the lemon chunks to soften.  Continue reading “Lemon Chili Pickle Recipe”

Vegan Rava Kesari 

vegan rava kesari is quick and delicious dessert !


Vegan Rava KesariHow to make veganized Indian Dessert?

There is nothing better than a warm and sweet dessert with coffee, especially on a cold wintery day. That’s my inspiration today for making Vegan Rava Kesari. Its called as “Kesari Bath” in local dialect in Karnataka and it is my personal favorite dish to make with Semolina (Rava). Continue reading “Vegan Rava Kesari “

Beetroot Mudde Huli- Beetroot Curry 

Healthy Beetroot Mudde Huli- Beetroot Curry!

Beetroot Mudde Huli

A slow cooked beets curry that also doubles up as a soup for a winter day! When I asked my kids for dinner ideas, I was surprised to hear them say “Beets!” It does not happen very often that they ask for Beets, but yet this time it did because the last time I made my  Beetroot Curry, it was a great hit. The wonderful thing about this curry is that it doubles up as a soup too. If you are looking for a light meal or a lean and nutritious meal, Beets curry is a very quick & easy option.    Continue reading “Beetroot Mudde Huli- Beetroot Curry “

Indian Rice Noodles – Akki Shavige Recipe

traditional method of indian Rice noodles or akki shavige!

Indain Rice Noodles Indian Rice Noodles or “Akki Shavige” is an old time favorite recipe among south Indians. It is definitely not the easiest of recipes to make, but the effort is easily worth it!  Continue reading “Indian Rice Noodles – Akki Shavige Recipe”