Fresh Pumpkin Dosa

Fresh Pumpkin Dosa!

Fresh Pumpkin Dosa

It is officially pumpkin season and I want to share a timely recipe for this season…Fresh Pumpkin Dosa. There is no shortage of common pumpkin recipes like Pumpkin pie or even Pumpkin Bread. But there

Rice Flour Flat Bread – Akki Roti Recipe 

Rice Flour Flat Bread – Akki Roti Recipe!

Rice Flour Flat Bread - Akki Roti Recipe

Happy Friday to all my readers! Its back to basics in my kitchen and I am sharing an authentic South Indian Rice delicacy. Its called “Akki Roti” (Translation: Rice Bread) in the

Besan Cheela – Best Gram Flour Pancakes 

besan Cheela – best Gram Flour Pancakes!

Besan Cheela - Best Gram Flour Pancakes

Here’s yet another protein powerhouse option for breakfast. It has been a while since I shared protein rich recipes. This breakfast recipe for “Besan Cheela” is one that you can prepare in less

Healthy Quinoa Oats Dosa 

Healthy Weekend Breakfast With Quinoa & Oats!

Healthy Quinoa Oats Dosa

Here’s a recipe that is “Kid approved” and “Grandma Approved”. In other words, it is yummy and healthy. If you are a regular reader here, you already know that I am a big

Sweet Potato Paratha 

How to Make Sweet Potato Paratha from Scratch 

Sweet Potato Paratha

Where do you go to get the best Indian Paratha around? Its right in your Kitchen! Today I try to show a step-by-step method for not just an ordinary Paratha, but a