Simple Wheat Flour Dosa – Godi Dosa

simple wheat flour dosa – godi dosa is perfect for busy weekdays

Simple Wheat flour dosaEven if you’re not vegan you’re going to love this! An instant Simple Wheat Flour Dosa recipe for busy moms. You can literally start from scratch and be done in less than 30 minutes and feel good about it too 🙂 There is no need for overnight preparation and uses less than 5 ingredients. Continue reading “Simple Wheat Flour Dosa – Godi Dosa”

Vegan Ragi Drink – Finger Millet Drink

Vegan Ragi Drink- Finger Millet Drink for healthy Breakfast!


Vegan Ragi DrinkHow to make Vegan Ragi Drink – If you are a protein shake fanatic, you have no doubt noticed that are all protein powders are mighty expensive. Even more so, when you choose a vegan option. I love the fact that they make my daily smoothie more filling and meal-like after a brisk walk, but the price tag is just too high! Well, I have a solution for that….Vegan Ragi Drink- Finger Millet Drink! Continue reading “Vegan Ragi Drink – Finger Millet Drink”

Easy Tomato Jam 

Easy Tomato Jam !

Easy Tomato JamI wish I had posted this recipe for  Easy Tomato Jam, six months back when summer was at its peak. But, it is never too late to share a good thing, so here we go…. Tomatoes are a staple ingredient in several Indian and perhaps all other cuisines as well. You will notice that tomatoes play an important role in my recipes. Continue reading “Easy Tomato Jam “

Indian Rice Noodles – Akki Shavige Recipe

traditional method of indian Rice noodles or akki shavige!

Indain Rice Noodles Indian Rice Noodles or “Akki Shavige” is an old time favorite recipe among south Indians. It is definitely not the easiest of recipes to make, but the effort is easily worth it!  Continue reading “Indian Rice Noodles – Akki Shavige Recipe”

Quinoa Upma Recipe – Quinoa Recipe

Indian quinoa Breakfast- quinoa Upma

Quinoa upma recipeHere’s a quick and healthy way to add a little variety to your breakfast options: Quinoa Upma. Upma is a simple and delicious south Indian breakfast option. It is typically made with Sooji, Vermicelli or even Rolled Oats. So why not add another dimension to the possibilities with Quinoa? Although not common in asian or Indian cuisine, Quinoa can be a great substitute for rice or sooji that are very high in carbs. Quinoa Upma brings a fresh breath of life among breakfast options.

Continue reading “Quinoa Upma Recipe – Quinoa Recipe”