Easy Vegan Honey Cake Recipe 

Indian Style Easy Vegan Honey cake recipe!

Easy Vegan Honey Cake Recipe

I want to share one of my favorite childhood cake recipe…in a vegan style. It is the good old Honey Cake! The name itself seems so attractive and looks are even more so. Preparing this wonderful cake in a vegan way was not that difficult or challenging as it seems. “Honey Cake” does not need honey after all. If anything, finding a replacement for eggs is the challenge, but I have solved that in other recipes like mango bread. Continue reading “Easy Vegan Honey Cake Recipe “

Baked Broccoli Samosa 

Baked Broccoli samosa is Perfect for evening snack time!

Baked Broccoli Samosa

You can never go wrong with an appetizer like Samosas if you are cooking Indian. I am going to show you how you can prepare Samosa just like a native chef would…except for the fact that it is going to be a healthier version and it does NOT involve deep frying. Just check my video and you will see what I mean. Continue reading “Baked Broccoli Samosa “

Vegan Mango Bread Recipe 

 Ultimate Vegan Mango Bread Recipe !Vegan Mango Bread Recipe

Have you ever tasted a wonderful recipe when you traveled far away from home? And did you try re-creating the recipe based on what you remembered? Well that’s what happened to me, after I tasted the Mango Bread in Maui, a few years back. It was an all day road trip to Hana and we stopped at several road side snack shops on our way to taste the local pineapples, toasted coconuts and mangoes. But the one thing that stayed in my mind was Mango Bread. Continue reading “Vegan Mango Bread Recipe “

Vegan Mango Custard Cookies 

simple and quick vegan Mango Custard cookies……

Vegan Mango Custard CookiesCan you find a custard recipe that is Vegan? That’s exactly what my recipe is about today! Vegan Mango Custard Cookies...You will be pleasantly surprised to find such an easy and healthy substitute for eggs. No Cholesterol! No saturated fats! Enjoy responsibly! Watch my short video to check it out yourself. The egg substitute I used is Aquafaba. Continue reading “Vegan Mango Custard Cookies “

Finger Millet Cookies- Ragi Biscuit 

A “Sweet” recipe with Finger Millet- Finger Millet cookies or Ragi Biscuit

Finger Millet Cookies

How to make Finger Millet cookies or Ragi Biscuit!  – Finger Millet aka Ragi Flour is a wonder food in India and lot other Asian countries but hardly known in the western countries. It is probably the most underrated “cereal” food. So, I decided I should go into a little more detail about what it bring to the table….literally..:-)   Continue reading “Finger Millet Cookies- Ragi Biscuit “